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2340 LRT

Wave soldering machine External fluxer Preheat: quartz,convection, IR, 2008

Wave Soldering


Curing oven Total lenght about 6600mm Heating area about 4950mm ,11 heating zones à 450mm Heating via IR and convection Single lane - pin chain conveyor Working width about 60 - 400mm Transfer direction L->R, 2012

Other Equipment

Conveyor with 3x flip station incl.controller,

Board - Handling

8140 PCS

Wave soldering machine 8140 PCS, without Düse für Lochwelle Lead free Delta wave Frame transport ATS spray fluxer Pre-heating quartz radiator Barcode reader, 2005

Wave Soldering


Selective soldering GoSelective 1 with frame / carrier handling system max.board dimensions 500 x 500mm currently adjusted transport width is 350mm Micro-drop-fluxer actually filled with leaded solder, pot prepared for lead free alloy, 2007

Selective Soldering

1025 PCS

Seho Compac 1025 - PCS Benchtop soldering sytem Dual wave system Soldering width approx.250mm (~9,75") Foam fluxer IR preheater Interface for printer and PC Transfer direction R->L, 1998

Wave Soldering

8135 PCS

Wave Soldering (lead-free), 2005

Wave Soldering

Flowstar 4036 1.7

Reflow Oven mesh belt conveyor, max. transport width 360mm, 2005

Reflow Ovens