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RB5D plus

Stencil cleaning unit Stencils up to 750x585x30mm 3 chambers: Cleaning chamber Rinsing chamber Drying chamber Water-based cleaning agent,

Cleaning Units


stencil cleaning system for stencils up to 750x585x30mm, spray-/pressure cleaning in the cleaning chamber, dipping bath in the rinse chamber, air drying in the drying chamber (drying time ca. 10 min.), water-based cleaning agent, 2009

Cleaning Units


Multi Prozess Single Chamber Cleaning Machine for water based cleaning fluids - cleaning item size up to 890x875x80mm - Easy to operate with a single push of a button - Short cycle time (<10 min) - Built-in rinse water disposal system to 10m lifting height difference - Double tank system with separate units for each process - 4-7 stage filter system / base model with 4-level filtering, 2003

Cleaning Units