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Hotflow 2 Serie 12

Reflow oven N2 for small and medium production throughput 4 preheating zones, 2 peak zones and 2 cooling zones SW: V4005001 Pin chain conveyor with center support Transfer direction L->R, 2009

Reflow Ovens

ETS 330

Wave soldering machine currently filled with leaded alloy but can be used with lead free alloy Working width about 330mm Spray fluxer, 2002

Wave Soldering

N-Wave 330

Inline Wave soldering machine (nitrogen) PowerWave Medium wave pre-heater Dynamic pre-heater Convection pre-heater Spray fluxer Solder frame 420mm - 10 pcs Additional drive APS30+battery (for emergency mode), 2005

Wave Soldering

ETS 250

Compact wave soldering system Lead free Double wave soldering module, 2001

Wave Soldering

IR 550A

Rework Station Top&Bottom heating, Infrared sensor, vacuum pump, Cooling fan, laser for components and PCB positioning, Precision placement system PL 550A, Process Camera RPC 550,, 2012

Rework Stations