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MY 9

SMD Placer
No heads and no cameras included
4 units TM8C: L-14-001C
1 unit TMD FLEX: L-14-442D
2 units VMF30: L-14-016
Flex Feeder:
1 unit 2X12mm: L-014-0417
1 unit 2X16mm: L-014-0418
1 unit 1X16mm: L-014-0912
3 units 1x24mm: L-014-0419
2 units 1x32mm: L-014-0421
SW: TPSys 2.4.6B
Installed options:
* Optical Centering
* Conveyor
* Hydra
* Z High Speed
* Autotech
* MySpeed

Machine#: 42405

Category: SMT

Year: 1999/

Customer owned

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