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SMT Placer with 4 placement heads on 4 gantries. Avialble placement heads:
CP20(A), 6-nozzle, 12- nozzle DLM2/3 (Collect & Place) or Pick & Place Module Twin / THK with SW 60x
CP20A / CP20P, CPP (Collect & Place) or Pick & Place Module Twin (HF/VHF) / THK with SW 70x
max. placement rate up to 80.000 cph
component range 01005 – 200 x 125mm (depending on head configuration)
4 feeder trolleys provide up to 160 tracks 8mm X

actually equipped with:
heads 4xCP20A
component cameras
Single lane transport, PCB size 50x50-508x450mm
counter: xxx Mio.
Station software: 704.03
needs 4 feeder trolleys 00119722.

MTC2 on bay 2 and 4 available as an option (instead of a feeder trolley)
Option long borad: 610 x 508mm (2x 240mm)
Option S-feeder trolleys for max. 180 tracks with 3x8mm S-feeders

Machine#: 38539

Category: SMT

Year: 2010/

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