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Selective soldering GoSelective 1 with frame/assembly transport system,
max. device dimensions 500 x 500mm (soldering machine), transport width 350mm,
Quartz pre-heating, single nozzle wave with several nozzels to change, height control of the wave, auto solder feed,
gripper on X/Y portal, actually filled with leaded solder, pot prepared for lead free alloy
Transportsystem consist of:
- inlet / removal conveyor, 1545mm lenght
- Seho CFM500, external Micro-Drop-Fluxer, 900mm lenght
- Seho GoSelective, 1610mm lenght
- outlet conveyor, 1545mm lenght
- sink station, 1215mm lenght
- return conveyor below machines with speed adjustment and on/off switch
- lift station, 1215mm lenght


Machine#: 37988

Category: Selective Soldering

Year: 2007/

Owner: AdoptSMT

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