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EuroFlow 300C

Euroflow 300C solder reflow oven (NEW)
New design includes a new heater control system designed to overcome the most common problem with lead free soldering, which is varying temperatures across the substrate. The oven is divided into three zones along its length (pre-heat, soak, and reflow), but the heating zones (pre-heat and reflow) are also divided into three sections across the conveyor. In the pre-heat section there are three zones of heat control across the conveyor (ie front edge, centre and back edge). In the soak (or stabilization) zone there is one zone of control. In the reflow zone there are again three zones of heat control across the conveyor. (Total = 7 zones).
This means that the operator can now easily overcome the problem of temperature variation across the substrate.

1. 300mm (12”) wide stainless steel ladder type mesh conveyor belt.
2. 3 zone processing oven (pre-heat, stabilization and reflow), with closed loop PID
temperature control in all of the zones.
Heated length = 900mm plus cooling zone = 300mm.
The processing chamber combines the benefits of forced hot air convection with fast
response heater panels.
3. 5.7 kw max. heater power, 230Vac single phase 30A, or 415V 3-phase.
4. Cooling zone at exit from below conveyor for optimum processing.
5. Stainless steel internal oven and mesh conveyor belt. The design of the processing
oven ensures correct air flow for convection currents, zone separation and exhaust of
fumes. Outer shell and frame are powder coated mild steel. The machine’s design
allows easy access and serviceability.
6. The machine is run from a computer control system. The PC controller is used to create
and store programs for any different product applications. The operator can load a
program to control the set temperatures and the conveyor belt speed. The monitor
will display the oven conditions, with colour graphics of each zone temperature.
The system software, interface unit and data cable are supplied for use on a Pentium PC.
7. On-screen profile display of substrate temperature using up to three extended k-type
thermocouples. The graphs may be saved and printed on paper.
8. Machine length = 1680mm, width = 600mm, height = 470mm.

2 years parts warranty included

Machine#: 31167

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