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High-Speed-Placer with 2 gantries for one placement area,
splittet in 2 separated pick up areas.
The max. placement rate depends to the head configuration and can be rise up with 2 CP20 heads up to 48.000 components / h.
Component range depending on head configuration is 01005 - 200 mm x 110 mm.

The machine has 2 CPP Multistar placement heads,
each with componentcamera SST29, PCB-camera SST34, stationary camera SST33, 7x nozzlechanger (for 12 nozzles each) and 1x nozzlechanger for 9 nozzles,

Machine is configured with a dual lane PCB transport, L->R.
Placement-counter: 290 mio. comp.
Operating hours: 17.424 h

One WPC can be added as an option.
Selectable placement heads for this kind of machine are 20-star and CPP revolver head or TwinHead as IC-head.

The single lane transport can be used for PCB width of 1x 50-560mm.
The flexible dual lane transport can be used for PCB width synchronal 2x 50-262mm or 2x lane in an asynchronous manner, or as a single lane for 1x 50-450mm.
Incl. 2 trolleys (00519922)

Machine#: 36213

Category: SMT

Year: 2011/

Owner: AdoptSMT

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