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SMD placer, 2 pcs. of 6x or 12x revolving head for choose (Collect & Place) fixed at 2 different gantry,
placement rate max. 25.000 components / h,
2 Feeder tables can be placed for max. 120 Comp., with nozzle changer for each RV-head, 1 comp. Camera for each head and 1 board camera for each gantry, for 50-470 PCB width, 3 segments single PCB transport system, transport direction L->R
Actual assembled head versions are 2 pcs. of ? star revolver head.
Placement counter: Mio. comp.
with 2 feeder trolleys, moveable, with rollers

Machine#: 35548

Category: SMT

Year: 2002/

Owner: AdoptSMT

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